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'You have a unique gift to offer this world. Each and every person that you come in contact with, you affect in away that cannot be measured, and it's effect is immediate and infinite.'

- Meagan Holub
"The Magic Touch"

The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist is now available in:

“[The Magic Touch] should be handed out to every student on the first day of Massage school. It is an incredible [resource].”
Rob West,

Run on over to and get “The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist” and be a part of the next revolution of Massage Therapists who want something more than struggling to get by… if this book doesn’t get you to start thinking about how to break down any resistance [you may have about] making money… maybe it is time for another career.”
- Julie Onofrio,

In these pages you will uncover the secrets to earning $100,000 per year, while working as little as twenty hours per week. Discover which clients sustain through a slow economy and how to effectively market to this demographic on a shoestring budget. You'’ll even uncover the essential “do’s and don’ts” as offered by the highest paying clients from around the world. The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist is filled with these revelations and more…

Inside these pages you will discover:

The author’s ‘Rubs to Riches’ story; how she went from being “broke and burned out” to developing a successful practice and becoming a favorite among A-list celebrities and how you can easily achieve YOUR professional goals.

How any Massage Therapist can earn an income of $100,000 per year, while working as little as twenty hours per week!

Why any Massage Therapist can charge and average of $100 per hour, without years of waiting to “deserve” a live-able wage.

Which overlooked appointment time slot is worth up to $33,000 per year.

The Do’s and Don’ts. The highest paying massage clients of the world describe what you can do to turn them into regular clients.

How to effectively advertise your massage business on a shoestring budget.

Which massage clients should be marketed to during a good economy vs. a weak economy and how to specifically market to these demographics quickly and easily.

Step-by-step instructions for Medical Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation billing.

The quick and easy way to provide massage to movies sets in your town or city.

Never before detailed instructions for building a mobile massage business, complete insider secrets for getting your foot in the door of four-star hotels and how to build the celebrity clientele of your dreams.

Why it is necessary to overcome your fear of tax write offs and how to effectively structure your business spending.

The confidence to build stronger personal and professional boundaries, employ self-care, and accept a fair rate of pay for the gift you give the world.

Your goals as a Massage Therapist are reachable. Get ready to be inspired!